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Below is the list of the paid medical services provided by the specialists of the Department of Prosthetic and Therapeutic Dentistry to foreign citizens and the estimated prices therefore.

Service Estimated Price. BYN
Manufacture of a dental post and core 47.00 – 50.00 byn.
Manufacture of a tooth crown or plastic tooth 35.00 – 55.00 byn.
Manufacture of a whole piece. metal tooth crown or tooth with plastic covering 67.00 – 87.00 byn.
Manufacture of a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown or tooth 130.00 – 185.00 byn.
Manufacture of a metal-free inlay or crown 260.00 – 330.00 byn.
Manufacture of a porcelain-fused-to-metal implant crown 410.00 – 430.00 byn.
Manufacture of a full denture 135.00 – 185.00 byn.
Manufacture of a partial denture 120.00 – 160.00 byn.
Manufacture of a metal removable partial denture 235.00 – 275.00 byn.
Manufacture of a metal-free removable partial denture by injection molding 180.00 – 250.00 byn.
Manufacture of a metal removable partial denture with an interference fixation 285.00 – 335.00 byn.
Preventive Care
Ultrasonic scaling (1 tooth) 4.50 byn.
Scaling with "Vector" device (1 tooth) 5.00 byn.
Scaling with "PROPHYflex" device (1 tooth) 7.00 byn.
Manual scaling (1 tooth) 4.50 byn.
Analysis and description of X-ray results (1 study) 21.24 byn.
Digital dental X-ray (1 study) 5.54 byn.
Cone beam computed tomography (3D) (1 study) 21.23 byn.
Digital panoramic X-ray (1 study) 8.14 byn.
Teeth whitening
Home whitening (1 jaw) 90.00 byn.
In-office teeth whitening (1 jaw) 160.00 byn.
Veneers (1 tooth) 73.00 byn.
Restoration of a tooth structure (1 tooth) 73.00 byn.
Restoration of a tooth structure after endodontic treatment (1 tooth) 73.00 byn.
Filling (1 tooth) 73.00 byn.
Treatment of tooth canals
Manual filling of 2 root canals 80.00 byn.
Filling of 2 root canals using an endodontic motor 120.00 byn.
Manual filling of 3 root canals 135.00 byn.
Filling of 3 root canals using an endodontic motor 180.00 byn.
Filling of 1 root canal using an endodontic motor 70.00 byn.
Manual filling of 1 root canal 50.00 byn.
Endodontic re-treatment (1st root canal) 120.00 byn.
Mini Dental Implants
Inlays 78.00 byn.
Other Manipulations
Splinting with fiberglass materials (3 teeth) 230.00 byn.
Prosthodontics (crowns and bridges)
Metal-free zirconia based crown 650.00 byn.
Whole piece crown 165.00 byn.
Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown 240.00 byn.
Removable Dentures
Removable partial dentures 390.00 byn.
Removable partial dentures with attachments 515.00 byn.
Full dentures 170.00 byn.
Partial dentures 135.00 byn.
Placement of removable dentures using thermoplastic materials
Quattro Ti type denture 390.00 byn.
Dental Implants
Installation of the 1st implant (surgical stage) 450.00 - 650.00 byn.
Restoration on Implants
Fixed restoration 560.00 byn.
Removable restoration 700.00 byn.
Extraction of a single or double rooted tooth 30.00 byn.
Extraction of a triple-rooted tooth 48.00 byn.
Extraction of an 8th tooth 70.00 byn.
Treatment of Bite Problems
Braces 2000.00 byn.
Removable systems 150.00 byn.

Prices are in Belarusian rubles (BYN)

* The above prices shall be for reference only and shall not be binding upon the health provider. The total cost shall be calculated considering the results of an examination, diagnosis and scope of activities performed during provision of a service. Payments shall be made in Belarusian rubles upon provision of services.

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