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Conservative Dentistry

The Department of Conservative Dentistry offers the patients a wide range of dental services:

  • a pain-free and highly-personalized treatment for all dental diseases. We use the advanced diagnostic techniques with a view to detecting and treating tooth decay, periodontitis or periodontal disease;
  • endodontic treatment (i.e. root canal treatment), canal obturation with a lateral condensation of gutta-percha (this manipulation is used to prevent infections);
  • dental restoration. We may restore front teeth with the help of veneers or reconstruct a dental stump with a fiberglass or an anchor post. If a tooth crown is fully damaged and a root is preserved, we may completely restore the tooth. A patient will even not notice the difference between a crown and the original teeth;
  • immediate restoration of a dental crown after endodontic treatment, decay, non-carious injuries, traumas;
  • aesthetic (cosmetic) dentistry. It is a type of dentistry which aims at making a beautiful smile and improving the health of teeth. Mini dental implants are another option of dental reconstruction. The service is available at the Department of Paid Dental Services.

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