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On January 2, 2007, the 14th City Dentistry was established. It serviced only the patients who lived in Lininsky district of Minsk.

The specialists of the dentistry provide a wide range of therapeutic and prosthetic services

The dentistry consists of the following subdivisions:

  • Dental Department No. 1;
  • Dental Department No. 2;
  • Department of Paid Dental Services
  • Department of Prosthetic Dentistry;
  • Dental Laboratory.

The specialists of Dental Department No. 1 and Dental Department No.2

  • perform regular oral health exams,
  • perform oral care,
  • treat tooth decay, non-carious diseases and root canals,
  • treat the disease of oral mucosa and periodontal tissues;

They also provide emergency dental care within working days.

The following surgeries may be carried out in the Surgery Room: extraction of teeth, removal of cysts, tumors; periodontal surgeries.

At our dentistry you can also may:

  • undergo dental x-ray examinations. The X-Ray Room has a panoramic radiography machine. It provides 3D imaging and considerably reduces the absorbed radiation dose;
  • make your teeth white and bright with the help of Ultradent tooth whitening system (USA);
  • get rid of the pigmented plaque with the help of Cavitron scaling jet. It is an anesthesia-free procedure which effectively scales the calculus even in hard-to-reach areas.
  • benefit from the use of the thermal obturation system for filling the root canals (Thermaprep 2 oven and Gutta Core thermal obturators). The system ensures a perfect 3D obturation, easy recure (if required) and easy canal preparation for the placement of a dental post;
  • benefit from the use of intraoral cameras. Intraoral cameras enable patients to monitor the entire process: from a finding out a problem to solving it (patients may see the images on the display);
  • take advantage of high-quality dental and orthodontic services, which are provided using special equipment, advanced techniques and innovative technologies. All dental instruments are cleaned with ultrasound in the Sterilization Department, and may be stored in vacuum-sealed packages for up to a half-year after sterilization. There is also a modern Dental Laboratory in the Dentistry.

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